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Phil is good,

cool too,


i-oud guarantee Definitely not greasy. It’s very easy to use

. Plus, it’s very easy to use.

The story of the assembly work is

great, which I know at once.

I have confidence.

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Phil is good,

cool too,



The wind hole can be adjusted. Ah, cool.

Here’s what I asked. P’ Oud, I have a Pod, Stick Pod, Pen Pod, Pencil Pod, etc.

Today I picked up

the Stick, Smok’s r22.

I’ll review it to see how cool this

one is. I like it very much. This is where I got it. I tested it three or four days ago.

is not greasy i-oud guarantee Definitely not greasy,

2 air holes can be adjusted and it’s very easy to use.

Ah.. Let’s see how easy it is to use. Let’s go to the lower camera. Ao..go!!

this bay This is a new look for Packaging of Smok Stick r22 kit,

which is a Pod Stick, which I have already arrived and let’s see the specs first. On the

front of the SMOK box, which is a picture of the Pod Stick

, this one

will tell you. Let’s say that

our liquid can hold up to 4.5 ml. It can be

used in every part of the RPM series coil, the

battery is durable!! 2000 mAh,

the power is at 40 watts, you

can adjust the

wind holes Red

. The back is the same. I will tell you the details of what’s in the box. and then a warning

It’s Oud’s stuff. You can check the QR code. Don’t worry, it’s clear, 100 percent authentic

. Ah.. we’ll just unpack the box.

First of all, we will find the manual part,

ah.. this is a

warning certificate and a QC certificate.

And then there will be a part of the O-ring set, it comes with 1 2 3 4 pieces all

, and there will be a charging cable that is in the part of Typ C 1 line,


coils, the coil will be in the RPM part

0.4, this one will be Mesh Coil, this one is used to play in the Freebase liquid part. The

adjustment will be about 30 and not more than 40

. 0.8

0.8 We use it for playing Salt Nic with about 15 watts ah..

so this Pod Stick

if anyone wants to get both Freebase and Salt Nic ah.. this one.

Got a bunch of stuff We can go and choose to play. Ah..

for the Pod Stick r22 body right away

!! Oh, it’s heavy.

its material Which will be in the part of Zinc Alloy, which is a whole bar


‘s done. Wind holes. Wind holes can be adjusted.

Adjustable. Wind holes will have two sides. 4 each side. You can adjust it.

This is the tank,

which this coil is placed on the terminal part.

which we can’t pull the tank in and out

This will be used as a rotating screw system. The spiral is spinning Ah.. like this,

which is clearly its advantage.

This is what it is. 1 I think there will be no greasy problem.

Even if it is a coil in the RPM series, it

looks like this. I can tell you that.

This is what it is. The work is quite neat, ah.. well done. His

pumping mouth is part of

510. Drip tip we can replace. It can be replaced

. Ah..Here, the top is the part that opens and closes. For

filling the liquid, there will be two compartments.

Ah..we can’t wait. Let’s put together.

Choose one drug. Coil, we can use whichever one is up to us.

Put it as 0.4 ah 0.4 we put Freebase liquid,

take the coil and plug it in right away

!! Plug it in and we push it all the way. Ah..push it to the max,

like this.

Now we take the

tank and plug it into the machine. It’s a spiral. We have to press a little bit first.

Ah, yes, the side is the glass part. Which we can clearly see in the part of the amount of liquid inside,

ah.. the liquid comes, the liquid has already been added,

yes, put it in, don’t put it in the middle, 4.5 ml. Yes

If it’s me I would choose to wear about half a tank enough.

This is enough, not much,

and then close it in the top cover. Ah..it’s a spiral like this. Close enough and close enough.

After that, we wait about 3-5 minutes.

Now, ah.. After waiting, press open

. Press open and press 5 times as usual. 1 2 3 4

5 blinks up 3 times

below Analog will be below here We’ll take a look

. First of all, the new coil,

we start at 10 watts, slowly ah..







that’s all, it’s all gone. I don’t have it anymore. Here, look at it.

For 0.4 coil, it’s recommended to play around 30 watts. This is enough

, the charger cable is on the side. Smok

below will be a heat sink. Analog can rotate clearly.

Oh..it’s easy. This one is simple. Easier than taking off your bra.

Ah.. Let’s go and see the story of Phil Smoke and see what Phil Smoke will be like.

Let’s go to the front camera. Let’s go!!

Freebase can get Salt Nic

and alternatives to playing coils of the RPM series. It can be used for all of

them whether it’s 040 or 608 1012

or even

RPM RPA. Plus, this one

is very easy to use.


For Analog, it’s fine.

15 20 30 45

Anything can be adjusted,

but.. my favorite is one. The matter of the assembly work is very neat.

I have confidence I don’t know anything else because I’ve been using it for three, four, five days before.

It’s not greasy!!

Definitely not smiling. because it is not a head tank plugged in and plugged out It will be a spiral

which if we rotate tightly There is no problem with greasy, this one has to be compact.

Another thing, about the pump, evlla vaping items we can adjust the windholes we want.

We play Salt Nic. We adjust that. We play Freebase. We adjust the air.

So Phil. Definitely coming

for another Pod Stick


I would highly recommend. but only

It might be a bit too long, which I have to understand

. These Pod Sticks are quite long.

For this clip, there is nothing much. Review in style

It’s simple to use, you don’t have to think too much.

And the review style still focuses on the same approach.

is a home style review Take it as I feel.

Haha. Yes, this clip.

Thank you very much to the cat bell page for sending it to Ood. I can review it.

For this clip, let’s go first.

Something good will happen. I want to pick it up for you to review again.

Hello, right away

!! Which many people have asked if Oud. How many review channels does P Oud have?

Fold!! The most organized channel. Deputy told by P’ Ood. The main channel is

folded!! Very cool channel. Reserve channel.

Page. What page is the permanent secretary? Fold!! The most organized page. Deputy told me. Another page

folded!! Suddenly the cat bell ah.. is

there a Call Center system? Yes, there is a Call Center. You can raise your ears to Oud

via LINE @sudjudshop2

and www.sudjud.com.

This is all channels of oud so organized.

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